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Cave Freediving?

QuestionHello, Is cave freediving considered a legitimate activity (from the perspective of IANTD/NACD or other relevant organizational bodies?) If so, wha

Do I always need a wetsuit

QuestionHello, I am getting ready to go through the classes for my open water certification, but I was just curious about something before I start my clas

training agency pro & cons

QuestionJesse, I was hoping you could give me some insight on the differences between training agencies (padi, naui, ssi, wasi/nasi) I am currently open wa

Removing Mask

QuestionHello, I start certification classes in February, and Ive been reading a lot online about having to remove your mask and put it back on while under

Career development

QuestionDo you have any idea what kind of average starting pay is offered to recreational diving instructors. Are these jobs full time most often, or will

re pee valve and zip on wetsuits

Questionjust wanted to know can a wetsuited diver have a pee valve attaced to his wetsuit and use the catheter condom device that drysuit divers wear to re

What to buy

QuestionI will be taking a beginners class in May and need advise on perchasing gear.  I know just about what I want but I am seeking outside advise.

buying helmet

Question   I am interested in buying some shallow water helmet(connected to a narghilee), for recreational purpose.I saw a few on net at the adre

learning to dive using a drysuit

Questionjust wanted to know can a wetsuited diver have a pee valve attaced to his wetsuit and use the catheter condom device that drysuit divers wear to re

valsalva clearing

QuestionI lost my hearing in my left ear this was on my 60 dive. I cleared the right and came back up to equalize the other. Finished the dive. The left ea

re drysuit tryout

QuestionHi Jess,    i forgot to mention that i amm not qualifyed diver but was wanting to know if i could have a trysive using a drysuit yo

Freediving newb

QuestionI want to start freediving but dont have anyone to startup with. And seeing the dangers of shallow water blackout, it seems prudent to never dive a

regulator hiss

QuestionMy alternate 2nd stage reg has a slight hiss when i press the purge valve.  I havent noticed any loss of air, but i was wondering if this is s

Triple dive tank

QuestionHi, We were lucky to meet Cousteau and his team on French Polynesia some years ago were they were shooting a movie about sharks. The Cousteau team

Mini tanks with direct bite down mouthpiece

QuestionI am having trouble finding online where to find the mini tanks, 6cb ft. with the direct, bite down activation mouth attachment on it. I hope you c

Maintenance of a Dacor ExtremeElle

QuestionMike, I have over 200 dives on this bc and really like it other than cleaning it. The self-inflator is a 1/2 small hose in the pocket. I did not g

Ruptured Ear Drum

QuestionHow often would pain be encountered when a diver has ruptured an ear drum? Can deafness occur? AnswerHello Stewart.  Im not a physician and t

Free Diving at Dutch Springs

QuestionHi, there.  My name is Jason and I am interested in free diving.  The thing is, though, I live in New York and theres not a huge free div

ear problems

QuestionMy son and i have started diving, during the open water course he developed ear related problems. Problems descending and assending. Takes along ti

what do you where under a wetsuit

Questionwhat is the best to wear under the wetsuit. AnswerHi Alex.   Thanks for the question about what to wear under a wetsuit.  Remember, a

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