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child scuba

QuestionMy sone loves water and I have done a fair amount of diving, I wont him to have lessons, but no-where does it for under tens, I would love him to j

BC Repair

QuestionQUESTION: Is there a trick to removing/replacing a bladder from plastic exhaust port rings after unscrewing the caps? ANSWER: Hi Jim, Ive found t

Dive Mask Fit

QuestionI had to buy a mask when overseas.  The mask seemed to fit fine in the store, but now there is a slight leak at the side, as if the mask is no

Son taking SCUBA lesson

QuestionMy 13 year old is taking SCUBA lessons now.  He is very comfortable with his gear on, and he is a good student (AB) in elementary school. &nbs

Sudden shortnes of breath @ 70

QuestionI was on a recent dive trip and on my last dive of the trip I experienced something strange and scary. This was the sixth dive of the week, I was d

mare bottom timer / computer

QuestionHi, Did you ever find the answer on weather the mares bottom timer that has the green yellow pink strips can have the battery changed? I cant fin

How much weigh

QuestionI am purchasing SCUBA equipment and it has been a while since I have gone diving.  Also, all of my dives were done, high altitude, fresh water

how much weight?

QuestionI was wondering if there is a way to determine how much weight I will need without getting in water.  I am going on a boat dive and will not h

lifespan of scuba gear

QuestionI was just given a truck load of equipment Tanks computers gear wet and dry suits cameras all in what a appears to be great shape clean and well se

scuba breathing

QuestionI tried scuba a few years ago, and loved it. It felt so peaceful and calm. ( that was in okinawa) The air flowed effortlessly and I was able to cru

selecting a a dive shop

QuestionWhat criteria should one use in selecting a dive shop and a dive master when visiting a new place to dive? (We are going to the Turks and Caicos).T

dacor enduro power inflator

QuestionHi, I recently had the rubber cover on the inflator perish and luckily the dive shop found a cover that fits. Unfortunately the reed that pushes th

NC Cape Fear

QuestionMike, are you a resident of North Carolina, US? AnswerHi Jim, Although I have relatives in Winston-Salem, Im currently a resident of Lake Charles

About the cousteau abs system

QuestionI have one of these I found at a garage sale a couple years ago, Does anyone know what it is worth, I may put it up on ebay, or trade for a hooka s

RE: Diving ad relates sports as a career

QuestionTo be a master diver/ instructor, I was wondering about the financial costs to obtain such expertise/equipment and the average salary one can expec

scuba diving pool and ocean lesson

QuestionThank you. Our child, 10 years old, boy just joined up $350. for three lessons, but Ive heard that 10 years old is too young by some people, althou

SCUBA gas cylinder

QuestionDear Sir, Thank you very much for your great reply. It was very useful to me. The greatest problem I am facing at the moment is about filling the g

yoke valve

QuestionWhat is the maximum tank pressure one should use when a yoke style valve is being used for recreational diving? Is it true that HP steel tanks shou

Ear Damage

QuestionHi, went divng yesterday and on my second dive i had trouble keeping my ears equalized. When arriving back on the boat i had an intense pain in my

ear pain after first sea dive

QuestionMy daughter has just come back from Thailand where she did the start of a scuba course - all the training and theory, a pool dive and then one open

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